Handwritten PNGs for Instagram stories, Pinterest, Collages and more

Handwritten PNGs for Instagram stories, Pinterest, Collages and more


We love to use these hand lettered PNGs in Instagram stories, blog, Pinterest and on photographs. 

Each file is a transparent png file to use alone or layer over top of just about anything.  There are endless possibilities.

Use these hand lettered PNGs to copy and paste from your camera roll to Instagram stories too! We've included a how-to in your purchase below or you can also visit our Instagram highlight ' handwritten PNGS' to for inspiration and more tutorials. 

Usage is limited to personal use. For commercial or printed use please email us to ask for permission at lynne@lynneknowlton.com. Feel free to email us for custom PNGs as well!

Each handwritten png is in black and in white. Read below under + tab to see a list of each word/ quote included. 


Set of 10 hand dipped taper candles

Set of 10 hand dipped taper candles


We love these candles!!  These scentless candles are hand-dipped in Denmark. When placed in our wall sconce candle holders, they evoke a beautiful, serene ambiance. 

The candles are made with high-quality, fully-refined paraffin and a 100% cotton wick. 

10-14" tall 

Fits most standard sized taper holders.

Burns approximately 1" per hour. 

PS. We love that the candle is 3/4" thick. Warm candle by placing it in a glass with a few inches of warm water. After candle is warmed in water, slowly ease it on to candle wall sconce base, in a soft twisting motion. 

Burn safe : Trim wick and always ensure your taper is perfectly straight in its holder and away from drafts to minimize dripping and uneven melt.

Please note the 14 inch flax candle is available for shipping on July 28. 


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We've started with a few really special items in our shop, and even more are on their way. Coming soon you'll find more handcrafted swoon-worthy artisan goods, stunningly inspiring Knowlton-style decor, and practical daily living products that will that will make your home feel nothing short of BEAUTIFUL.