The Dish Kit Bundle

The Dish Kit Bundle



KIT INCLUDES : 100% natural handmade artisan dish bar + sisal dish brushes + handcrafted ceramic dish bar tray. 

So beautifully easy to use, you’ll never look back. Looks so flippin' cute on your counter. Your dishes will thank us. You'll freak at its gorgeousness.  It actually makes washing dishes a calm, beautiful experience. Who knew?! So fab!! 

Get your dishes clean without any plastic. Say goodbye to plastic dish soap bottles by swapping them for a Knowlton and Co kitchen dish bar set. 

The dish bar : eco-friendly, zero waste, vegan and made with organic ingredients. The bar is lightly scented with a soothing blend of all-natural fragrance and is formulated to cut through grease while being gently on your skin. 

Dish Bar ingredients:
Sodium Olivate (Saponified Essential Oil), Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Distilled Water, D-Limonene, Citrus Paradisi  (Pink Grapefruit essential Oil), Citrus medica limonum (Lemon Essential Oil)


Ceramic dish tray : each one is individually hand crafted using stoneware clay. All pieces go through multiple stages in their creation: the dish is rolled and stamped by hand, then left to slow dry for a minimum of 2 weeks. They then go in the kiln for their first firing (known as a bisque fire) and then are hand brushed with glaze in a matte white. Each piece is hand signed by the Canadian potter, Esther Schletz.

How to use: It's easy to use! No need to fill the sink with any water. Just turn on faucet, wet your brush, shake off excess water, rub brush on bar to lather. Wash your dishes and rinse. 

Pro kitchen tip: Store your brushes upright in a cup or container to help keep them dry. When washing dishes, try to not let your soap bar get overly wet. Shake excess water off of scrub brush before lathering on soap (this helps the soap maintain its square shape). 

The price of the kit includes a 15% savings (compared to buying each item individually.)

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Calm - Outdoor incense sticks

Calm - Outdoor incense sticks



These incense sticks have theeee most calm, relaxing aroma. It's truly a beautiful scent with nodes of woodsy patchouli.  We've been burning these for a few years now and someone comments on them every.single.time.  So good. So so so good.

Each package contains 10 sticks ( each stick is 19 inches long )

Handmade by a kind hearted blind artisan. He's been making incense for over 25 years! Incredible. Beautiful. 

The sticks are best lit in your favourite outdoor spaces... hosting a dinner party, picnics on a blanket, by your pool or patio.

When walking into an outdoor space with these lit, you will feel the shift to a calm, serene feeling. 

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